AEM Wideband O2 Air fuel ratio gauge install in to the Spec E30 Part 1

If you read my story about being down on power, being fat and being slow.  You know that I bought a new Air fuel meter. In fact I bought this one AEM UEGO


With me being an engineering genius, of course this is a simple install for me.  I am, BOB “f-ing” Vila.

The first challenge is to weld the bung in to the exhaust.  and since I took a welding class over 10 years ago and really haven’t welded anything since…. I am the perfect man for the job.  oooo and I only have a flux core welder and I had never used before.  it is going to turn out perfect looking like stacked dimes.

Yep!  behold my skills, awesomeness and perfection at the same time.

IMG_20150920_160207 IMG_20150920_160159

I ran out of time this weekend due to a wedding and laziness quiet moments of reflection.  There will be more to come soon. !

Gotta wire this badboy. install the gauge, and hook it to my Race Capture Pro

Protecting your racing ego. I’m slow, I need more power! Spec E30

When your not as fast as everyone else and your ego needs protection who and what do you blame?   You blame the 30 year old race car that is what you blame.  Last year it was because  I  the car was over weight.  After dropping 90 pounds between seasons I should be upfront now.


With that , the #50 Spec E30 has been down on power this season.  That is what the butt dyno is telling me and I also had it partially confirmed with the Hot Shoe of our region Sean Curren.  I stated off the last race weekend ~6 seconds off the pace. Going down the straights the other cars seem to walk away from me.

My endless complaining and excuse making seemed to prompt the other drivers to give me some suggestions to remedy my ailments.  After checking a few other things we looked at the AFM.  The AFM (air fuel meter) is known to wear out/loose performance over time.  We cracked that bad boy open and started bending the Arms to find a “Good” track for them to work on.

Progress! between getting used to this track and the tweeks to the AFM I am now within 3 sec of Sean’s time.   I still am not able to keep up down the straights.   there still has to be something “WRONG WITH THE CAR”  there is no way that I am not the awesome driver that I portray in racing video games.

“Hey Sean, can you take my car out for a few laps?”  . With some hesitation, Sean agreed. I think is was more of a attempt to get me to shut up and accept the fact that I am talent-less hack.  I was thinking that the engineering skills with this fine example of pure Awesomeness of race car would make me look less amateur.  I also realized that I had never been in another Spec E30 and I had no real baseline for know if my car was shit or not.

Sean was only 1.5 sec slower that the best time in his car and I he was not really pushing it.  He did have some feedback.  Car is maybe a little down on power(“YES!! I was right as I thrust my fist in the air with Victory!”), You have major exhaust leak ( Really?  )  , and holy shit your breaks are weird. they reach max pressure at only 25% input. and your shiftier sucks(yes i know that).

He said an AFR gauge would help find/diagnose issues quicker. What? I have to buy a new gadget….  please say so… done Ordered.. on the way here.  More gadgets and doodads make every car faster, they are like stickers. See the AFR Install here.

Well, I need work on a few things. I probably need to dominate some more video games that is for sure. that will give me experience that I need.  I have a plan of attack before my next event.

  1. Install new AFM gadget.
  2. Fix Exhaust leak.
  3. Hook new gadget to Data acquisition.

The rest of the stuff will have to wait till the off season

The Agro Wheat Beer

After my last brew fail.  I have thrown anger into another beer that should be great for the summer.

Peak Racer’s Brewing division is proud to announce the Agro Wheat Beer.

This batch was brewed on April 25th 2015.

This should be a great warm weather beer for relaxing after a day at the track.

The ingredients list and label are coming soon.

The name comes from left over anger from the last batch and for those off tracking incidents that happen to us all.” target=”_blank” style=”color:#a7a7a7;text-decoration:none;font-weight:normal !important;border:none;display:inline-block;”>View image |” target=”_blank” style=”color:#a7a7a7;text-decoration:none;font-weight:normal !important;border:none;display:inline-block;”>

Prepping for the new roll cage


Wow it was more work than I thought.  Considering the car was already stripped before I just needed to make final touches.


Out with the hvac core


And the sound deadening was a real PITA.
The car should be much lighter and simpler.   Can’t wait to get the car back.


Homebrew beer fail.


So I went to brew my 2nd batch of beer larger than a gallon.   This was a 5 gal batch of wheat beer.
I used  cheap muntons kit with hops already added.   I had read that if you add die instead of corn sugar that the beer it pretty good.


The brew day was quick and easy.
24 hours later the airlock was clogged but it looked like it was slowing to a normal fermentation. I popped on a new airlock and let it go.

2 days later I go check and the top of the fermenter is blown clear off.
Not sure how long it was open I decided to dump it out.

On to the next brew.

RCP Error

RaceCapture Pro 2 – Bugs getting started. – Fixed

Plugging in the RaceCapute Pro MKII unit for the first time I kept getting “Timeout waiting for channels”.
RCP Error

I am running Windows7 64bit, RCP Drivers are installed and working,

I have Uninstalled and re-installed the app. I tried USB 2 and USB 3 ports.I disabled my AV.

I have tired running as admin. I have tried making sure i have an SD card installed in the RCP. I have tried without SD card.

Nothing seem to fix it.   So I tired another PC.  There were some coorupted downloads of the app from the website on the new PC, but soon it worked fine on the new pc.

I went back to my main pc and uninstalled everything.

I turned off my AntiVirus

I then re-downloaded the files from ASL website.

Installed them and everything worked as expected.

Hope this helps