Race report: USGT at 360v2 Xray T4

Race report: USGT at 360v2 Xray T4

It is fall/winter time here in the North East USA, That means the full scale racing is now in the off season. In the off season I normally go indoors and race Radio controlled cars. In the last few years I have not been able to go RC racing, so this is my first time back in 4 years or so. I pack up my old gear and head to a race track I have never been to before. 360v2 in New Rochelle NY.

Changing Class to USGT

In the Past I raced VTA, but there are not enough racers for that class, so the next one up is USGT. I was able to pick up a 21.5 Motor, but I was short a body. I posted a message on the Tracks Facebook page and they said come and we will get you a body. They did not disappoint.

Practice run:

I get to the track about a hour before the race starts. The crew get me set up with a pit space and give me a body to borrow. One of the other racers get me setup with gluing my front tires for me(Never raced on Black carpet). I work on fitting the body. I am left with about 10 Mins of practice before the first race and by chance I am in the first heat.

Giving I just they the body on there were no body issues, but the rear end of the car is posed with a mind of its own. Aggressive oversteer would be an understatement. Phil T. The best racer there did a quick setup of my car and transmitter in the 2 mins he had before my heat.

Heat 1:

The BAD: my over steer issues were not resolved. I was slow

The Good: I was Probally better that I was when I stopped rc racing. I managed to stay off the boards except when the oversteer snuck up on me.

Result: I was slow. Avg Lap 18.2 Fastest 15.5

Heat 2:

Phil and Gunner set up my car agian, now having more time to do it properly.

The car was 1000 times better to drive, but I was still having oversteer issues in the slow tight turns, and teetering with traction rolling with the high speed turns.

Result: Avg lap 16.1 Fastest: 14.6

Race: B-Main

The car I brought to the track was setup more for Asphalt than Black Carpet. As much as the guys there tried to help, We didn’t have enough time to fix everything. So I was still struggling with handling a bit.

I started last and I expected to stay there. My goal for the night was to simple get better with every run, drive clean and have fun.

About half way thru the race I found myself racing for 4th. It was a very fun few laps with Kady and I trading 4th place back and forth. I had a bit of a lead on her until I think the 17th lap. I tried to get out of the way for the leader and made a mistake and got a body tuck. Kady held on to 4th till the end.

Result: Avg lap:15.8 Fastest lap: 13.7 Finished 5th, met my goals of the night of get better every run, drive clean and have Fun.

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